Ricky Sinclair: What color are your eyes?

What color are your eyes?

Matthew 6:19-24
1. Why does a single eye light the whole body?
2. Why does a evil eye fill my body with darkness?
3. Do I see master money or master God?
4. A good example of an evil eye is in Matthew 20:1-15.
A. Jesus teaches us his mercy and grace by saying the one who works one hour receives the same as the one who worked all day.
B. A bad eye sees master money and not merciful master God and grumbles and complains that they are being done wrong. They agreed to the wage. Matthew 25:2.
C. A bad eye does not see the mercy and blessings of God upon another as good.
D. A bad eye sees money above people.
5. What is a single eye or good eye?
A. A good eye sees God and his ways as the great treasure in life not money.
B. A good eye values God and his ways.
C. A good eye discerns God’s heart. It does not see just white and black, true and false. It’s sees with the heart of God and God’s perspective.
D. A good eye sees God as beautiful as it’s treasure.
E. A good eye leads the way to the light of God.
6. Remember how you see is what you get, what you see is your reality, life is what I make it, your perspective is either good or bad, light or darkness.
7. Two masters in life-Master God or master money-now you get to choose who is your master.
8. I encourage you to choose God and sell out to Him right now.

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