Ricky Sinclair: The Power to See

The Year of the Favor of the Lord

The Power to See

I Peter 3:8-13

What do you see?

To see is knowledge – right or wrong, good or bad.  Life consists of how we see things.  If we see things positively, we release faith and action for good.  If we see things negatively, we release faith and action to bring us down.

What we see is what we get.  How we see is how we live.  Often we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.  Who are we inside?  What kind of person am I on the inside (Matthew 6:22-24).  What we see and how we see it controls our life.  How we see determines our future, perspective of life, influence, investments, time, talents, gifts, relationships and values.

A)  How to have a healthy view of life:

  1. Understand that God has created you with purpose.  You are not a mistake, you are a miracle.
  2. See life gratefully.  Always show gratitude, be appreciative (i.e. woke up this morning, clothed in my right mind, etc.).
  3. See life from God’s perspective; according to His Word, and His purpose and plan.
  4. Understand life is a test.  How we react to pressure, people, problems, prosperity, and perplexity.  God is watching our response, our response reveals to us where we are in our growth.  Everyday we are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Life is giving us the great opportunity to develop character, demonstrate love and dependence on God.  Our success is determined by how we see life!

B)  The Process of Life:

1) A lot of people hinder themselves by how they see, what they think, what they expect and how they act.

2) What I see is what I believe, what I believe is what I say, what I say is what I do, what I do is what I get in life.  I am not telling you to deny reality; I am telling you to change your reality with your attitude.  No matter how negative a situation is, if you will see the positive within the negative or the lesson that it has to offer, then your great attitude will turn it around.  Even though it may not appear great, it will be great for you because of how you choose to see it.  See yourself as having a great marriage, a great family, wonderful job, spiritual growth and finances in order, good health and relationships restored.  Your consistent, persistent attitude is the beginning of change in your life. 

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