Ricky Sinclair: Yes I can – Running Your Race



Running Your Race

Acts 26:13-18

  1. Remember, God created you and you can only be you. Never attempt to be someone else.
  1. Sometimes good people try to make you something that is not in your heart. Do it like this or that. You may feel pressure but you must follow your heart.
  2. The race I run must be my race which God has called me and equipped me.
  3. We must make a decision to be a God pleaser and not a man pleaser. I have got to be me and live my God-given anointing.
  4. Some may find fault, not everyone will be happy with you, some will criticize you.
  5. Say to yourself, “I can no longer live to please people, today I am free to be myself.”
  1. Run with your purpose.
  1. People will try to control and manipulate you. How?
  1. You may lose their friendship.
  2. You may feel you need their approval.
  3. You may feel pressure to do or be something that is not in your heart.
  4. What would people think if you don’t follow their path?
  5. If you build that house or buy that car, if you receive a promotion, people may get jealous, be critical and talk about you.
  6. Speak to your soul and say, “I don’t need their approval, I need God’s approval.”
  1. We must never base our life on what people think or whether they will accept us.
  1. Your destiny is too great to get hindered by trying to win people who will never be with you.
  2. Sometimes, no matter how much you give and do it’s never enough. In fact, when you quit giving they get mad and try to make you feel guilty.
  3. High maintenance people don’t really care about you, they just want what you are able to do for them. They are never satisfied.
  4. I realized at times that I have become an enabler that hindered God from moving in their life.
  1. God did not call us to satisfy every need and desire people have. The Lord is their provider.
  1. People are responsible for their own needs, desires, happiness and purpose.
  2. Always do what you can to help, serve and bless people. Walk in love and kindness by God’s grace and mercy. But recognize that people must take responsibility for their own lives.
  3. We can’t make people like us, especially if we are expected to do and act a certain way for them.
  4. If people are not happy it’s because they have chosen to not be happy. I am not responsible for their choices.
  1. God’s favor is upon you!
  1. There is no other you! You are unique.
  2. God’s design and favor is upon you.
  3. God has given you gifts, talents, looks, personality, authority, wisdom, vision, and purpose.
  4. The Bible says, “…and God blessed them and said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, fill the earth, take dominion and rule over the world.” (Genesis 1:28)
  1. As we please God, loving, praising, and trusting Him, then God will take us to new levels.
  1. You will see new doors open.
  2. Supernatural blessing and provision will be present.
  3. New positive relationships will be built.
  4. Promotion on your job and in your family.
  5. A new and fresh anointing will manifest.
  6. The favor of God is coming upon your life right now, like never before.

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