Ricky Sinclair: YES I CAN! Contentment Part 2


Contentment – Part 2 – Proverbs 23:7

Miracle Place Church

  1. My mind must be renewed. (Ephesians 4:17-32)
  2. Why do I gripe and complain? (Philippians 4:10-13)
  1. Discontentment: The problem is inside of you, not on the outside of you.
  2. Discontentment says, “If only I had another job, another house, another spouse. If only you treated me right. If only I had one of those and two of them then my life would be right.”
  3. Contentment comes from focusing on the Lord as the sovereign one whom I must give my life to.
  1. Everyday say what God says you are:
  1. I am blessed going out and coming in.
  2. God has set me on high above all.
  3. God’s blessings are coming on me and overtaking me.
  4. I’m blessed in the city and in the field.
  5. I am healthy in the fruit of my body.
  6. God has blessed my basket so that my cabinets are overflowing. All ground that I sow into and all my businesses and livelihood increases and prospers.
  7. Every enemy that comes at me one way will flee seven ways.
  8. God has commanded His blessing upon my storehouses and in ALL I set my hand to do.
  9. God will bless me in the land He gives me.
  10. God will establish me as a holy person unto Himself.
  11. All people will see and know that I am called by the name of the Lord and they will honor me.
  12. The Lord will make you plenteous in goods.
  13. The Lord will open His good treasure, the heavens to give rain in His season.
  14. The Lord will bless all the work of my hand.
  15. I will lend and not borrow.
  16. I will be the head and not the tail. I will be above and not beneath. (Deuteronomy 28:1-13)

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