Ricky Sinclair: Why did Jesus have to be crucified? Me.

Sermon notes: Click link below

Why did Jesus have to be crucified?  Me. 

[[Matthew 27:27-51]]

1. Crucifixion is capital punishment in the most inhumane way. Why then Jesus? 

2. Crucifixion was designed to demean a person, to prolong and intensify a tortured death publicly. 

3. Jesus bore the pain and the shame of the cross. It was disgusting, hideous, humiliating, and dishonoring. 

4. Jesus was mocked, cursed, spit in his face, scourged, beat, crowned with thorns, nailed hands and feet to a cross.

[[Psalms 22:1]]

[[Psalm 22:6]]

[[Psalm 22:12]]

[[Psalm 22:16-18]]

5. Forced to kill Himself alone to save me and you. Is crucifixion really how bad off I am in the sight of God? 

6. The crucifixion of Christ was a once for all substitution to purchase us and show us how to live a crucified life. 

[[Luke 9:23-26]]

7. Faith sees myself identified with Christ, His death, burial, and resurrection. It is finished.

[[Galatians 2:20]]

[[II Corinthians 5:15]]

[[II Corinthians 5:17-21]]

8. Jesus became our curse so that we could be justified and sanctified and live. 

[[Galatians 3:13]]

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