Ricky Sinclair: Salvation to Maturity, Obeying God’s Voice

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Salvation to Maturity

Obeying God’s voice

Romans 8:14

1. Why does it feel like I’m stuck spiritually and not moving forward? Why am I struggling in Christ?         

A. Christ is in believers by His Spirit.                               

B. Believers are in Christ by faith. Romans 7:6, 23-25 KJV

2. The power of believing: No Condemnation, No Defeat, No Separation in Christ

Romans 8:1-2 Amp

3. The power of Christ redemption and what this means to us: Romans 8:3-4.

4. The power of thinking right: Romans 8:5-7.

5. The power of choice: Spiritual or Carnal-Romans 8:8-14

6. The power of our inheritance: Romans 8:17, 3 John 1:2, Deuteronomy 28:1-13