Ricky Sinclair: Alignment-Assignment

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What is God’s purpose and goal for His creation?What does it mean that God has called us by name?

Isaiah 43:1-7

1. Man is made to rely and depend on God and give Him Glory. Instead man often choses to rely on himself and seek his own glory to make a name for himself. Babel Genesis 11:4

2. So God elected and chose a person and promised to achieve His purpose through that man and His descendants. He would make Abraham’s name great. Genesis 12:1-4,7-20 Genesis 13:1-7, Galatians 3:6-9,13-14.

3. God’s goal in creating Israel for His glory was not started with Israel or even Abraham but dates back to Adam and Eve who were created in the image and likeness of God. When people see God in us, as I act like God, love like God, think like God, live like God then I fulfill God’s goal and purpose as the image of God. My image reflects God. Genesis 1:27.

4. We are to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God. Genesis 1:28.

5. We are not living to do God a favor. We are aligning our lives with God’s eternal purpose and goal in accordance with His creation and governance of the world to bring Him glory. God says, I created you for My glory, I formed you, I made you. Isaiah 43:7.

6. What does it mean that God has created us for His glory? What is His glory?

7. God’s glory is all that God is and represents. How can I put in words Gods glory? His beauty, His excellence, His magnificence, His sovereignty, His greatness, His love, His peace, His joy, His goodness, His grace, His mercy, His kindness, His justice, His purity, His Person in 3 Persons, His presence etc.etc.etc.

8. God has called us, chose us, elected us to be His witnesses-images. Isaiah 43:10-11.

A. That you may know God.

B. That you believe God.

C. That you understand that God is He. 

D. That there is no God before Him.

E. That there is no God after Him.

F. That God is the Lord there is no other Savior.    9. God promises us the chosen that He will make away for us no matter where we’re at, because He has formed us for Himself and we shall show forrh His praises. Isaiah 43:18-21 Amp. 

                                                10. Connection releases covering. Ruth had to reposition herself to inherit God’s blessings.                          B. Alignment with God and with the right people at the right time releases Gods assignment.

C. Ruth found favor, salvation, God’s blessing, inheritance, and ended up in the lineage of Jesus.

11. Are you connected to God’s Assembly? Position yourself to receive the blessing of the Lord.                       A. As imperfect as the church is, it is still God’s plan and purpose for His kingdom.

B. When the Lord is getting ready to do a new thing He repositions us, re-focuses us. 

C. Moses was repositioned and refocused.

D. Abraham and Sarah were repositioned and refocused.

12. Do you have mentors? A. God’s anointing has never rested on lone rangers with independent spirits.

B. We must align and connect ourselves to people who will help us reach our full potential.

C. Discipleship is having an older, more experienced person in our life to encourage, and give wise counsel. God wants to put people in our lives to cover us and help us reach God’s destination for our life. Ruth needed Naomi, Elijah needed Elisha, Timothy needed Paul.

D. Do you have unhealthy relationships? Abraham separated from Lot, David had to leave Sauls house,                                 E. Lots wife died because of toxic relationships in Sodom that had a grip on her heart preventing her from relocating into God’s safety and will.                     F. Toxic people will kill you and keep you from God’s assignment for your life. Jonah was thrown overboard.

13. Are you in the center of God’s will? How do I know what God’s will is?

A. Pray fervently and spend time alone with God.

B. Read the Bible consistently daily.

C. Develop a submissive will and humble heart.

D. Listen for God’s voice.

E. The key to hearing God lies in our willingness to obey.

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