Ricky Sinclair: Church behavior, Endurance, Enabled, Equipped

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Church behavior:

What will the truth cost me?

Endurance, Enabled, Equipped.

1 Timothy 1:1-20

1. God’s soldier must be strong, faithful, loyal and uncompromising.

2. The work at Ephesus Church was hard. Paul encourages Timothy to stay, teach and warn against false doctrine.

3. How about you today? Everyone has at times wanted to quit. Paul told Timothy-Don’t abandon your post! Remain! Don’t quit! Stay, teach and finish the task at hand.

4. Timothy had been enlisted by God as a Christian soldier. If we run from our post of duty, we will rob ourselves of opportunities to grow, to serve and to glorify God.

5. When the winds of adversity blow, set your sails in the right direction and let Christ handle the rudder.