Ricky Sinclair: Pain’s Perspective: Count It All Joy

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Pain’s Perspective: 

Count It All Joy 

1.The attitude of testing – James 1:2-4:

A.Count it all joy means healthy and prosperous.

B.Trials are not if, but when: Attacked, Proved, Examined, Question,Tempted.

C.Trials are opportunities for joy, not discouragement.

D.The trying of your faith: It’s not about the test but the preparation.

E.Trials do not produce faith, God’s word does. This is how we trust God.(Romans 10:17)

F.From patience to perfection: When trials are received by faith it producespatience.  This patience does not mean sitting in the car waiting for yourwife or kids to come out, but endurance as a marathon runner receiving hissecond, third, fourth etc. winds. To stay, to remain under, instead ofescaping.

G.Perfection does not mean you will always be perfect, but that you aregrowing and maturing daily.

H.Endurance:  The Opposite is giving up. Endurance is Maintaining acommitment to a goal during times of pressure. Knowing when and how toinvest my time and energy, keeping my focus on the objectives God hasgiven me. Recognizing and laying aside hindrances. Do not become wearyin doing good for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you don’tgive up!  (Galatians 6:9)

2.The test of faith – James 1:5-8: We really didn’t know how much we needed thewisdom of God until our trial.A.Wisdom is the ability to move forward and apply knowledge to keep thingstogether and to get rid of the things not needed.

B.We ask the God of Wisdom who has the open hand and He will give to uswithout prejudice.

C.We ask not doubting or double minded. (Mark 9:24)

3.The test of humility – James 1:9-11:  As The poor brother forgets all his earthlypoverty so the rich brother forgets all his earthly riches. By faith in Christ bothare equal.A.The rich and the poor must put their identity and faith not in things that theyhave or don’t have. But in the God who will never fade so we don’t fade.

4.The test of endurance – James 1:12:   When I endure three things happen:A.I become blessed.

B.I receive the crown of life.

C.I walk in a great love for God.

5.The test of temptation – James 1:13-16:A.I must never blame God for evil, shortcomings, where I’m at in life.

B.I must understand that my life is what I have chosen to believe. I only getwhat I believe for.

C.My life on the outside comes from within me, my desires.

D.What I put in me produces desires that control my life.

E. I have two choices, either God’s word or the world’s word.  

6. The test of gratefulness – James 1:17:  I must give God all the glory, honor and praise. Knowing that He is good, and His gifts, favor and blessing are upon me.  A. God the Father of lights proves His faithfulness as the day, moon, stars, sun never go out.  

B. Everything good comes from God and He will never change. Are we really grateful and appreciative for God and His gifts in our lives?  

7. The test of God’s seed – James 1:18: A. It is God’s will to beget us with His word of truth.  

B. The Bible.  God calls His word, that is seed.  In fact, it’s incorruptible seed that has to be planted in our soul.  

C. God’s seed planted, germinates inside of us, saves us, heals us, delivers us and leads us. (Matthew 13:3-30) This seed must be planted in good ground and cared for. 

8. The test of Christian living – James 1:19-27:  Be concerned for others:  A. Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. 

B. Stop living in filthiness naughtiness. 

C. Anger does not work the righteousness of God but defends your own agenda.   

D. Be doers of God’s word less you deceive yourself. 

E. Don’t look into the mirror and see Christ and walk away forgetting who you are. 

F. If you can’t bridle your tongue what you say you have is useless. 

G. Undefiled living is to visit the fatherless and the widow’s in their affliction and keep yourself unspotted from the world. Lot looked to the world and lost everything, even his wife.  

9. Our perspective must be a God centered perspective looking to Him knowing that what we say to all these things is:  A. “If God be for us who could be against us.” (Romans 8:31) 

B. “Greater is He who is in me then he that is in the world.”  (1 John 4:4) 

C. “Count it all joy.”  (James 1:2) 

D. “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) 

One thought on “Ricky Sinclair: Pain’s Perspective: Count It All Joy

  1. Thanks brother Ricky!! Bobby Mc,just. Sent your message to me,, actually he sent several, encouraging messages of yours,to me as he knows of my struggle,I have confided in him,and he has directed me towards you,thanks again brother Ricky,yours in Christ,,, Jeffery Ball Sr.


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