Ricky Sinclair: God’s Love

Sermon notes: Click link below

God’s love

Luke 10:27-29

What is love?

Do I love God or theology?

1. Two categories of love: complacency-benevolence

A. Love of complacency: I love this car, I love seafood, I love America, I love my cat. The reason I say these things is because they please me.

B. Complacency is the feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of pleasure or security, a feeling of contentment.

C. Love of benevolence is not based on the loveliness of the object: but on your goodwill and commitment towards a person or thing.

D. Benevolent love is to love people who don’t have anything admirable to be drawn to them.

2. God’s love of benevolence is measured in four parts.

A. First measure of God‘s love is we don’t deserve it. God’s benevolent love is great.Romans 5:6-10.

B. The Second measure is the greatness of the price paid to love a person. God‘s love for us is not only when we don’t deserve it, but His willingness to pay the price of death for us. John 15:13.

C. Third measure is the greatness of the good that is done for the person when they are loved. John 3:16. Eternal life is defined by knowing God and to know Christ. God‘s love gives us the greatest gift in the universe which is God Himself John 17:1-26.

D. The fourth measure is the level of desire that God has for the good of the one being loved. God is totally sold out to saving us. Zephaniah 3:17amp.

3. The process to receive God‘s benevolent love: from self centeredness to God centeredness. Luke 15:11-24.

4. God‘s love is the most beautiful and most powerful force in the universe. It pays the highest price, God Himself for undeserving sinners, to give us the greatest gift in the world, His presence and God desires and loves doing it for eternity.

5. Our goal is to love God by treasuring Him above all else. God is glorified when we are satisfied in Him.

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