Ricky Sinclair: Honor, Age – Gender – Authority

Sermon notes: Click link below


Age – Gender – Authority

I Timothy 5:1-2

  1. What does it mean to rebuke not an elder, but intreat him?
  2. How do I reprimand anyone with graciousness?
  3. Intreat: to ask earnestly for a request or petition. Earnestly, sincere, intense conviction.
  4. Honor: High respect, esteem, recognition, privilege, merit, credit, important, glory.
  5. How to approach people with God’s love and Spirit.
    1. First thing is to have honor and respect in your heart with all sincerity for the best interest of the person you’re talking to.
    2. Rebuke is in its own nature offensive. But when I honor your age, gender, position with my heart then I am received as a friend and not an enemy.
    3. When I know you really care, and you are for me, then it softens my heart and allows me to be receptive.
    4. Never approach with emotions out of control. That is hurt, frustration, judgment, anger, bitterness in our hearts and minds. This condemning spirit will always produce fear, pain and resentment that will harm more than help them and push them further away.
    5. The rebuke or reprimand that comes from love is the only effective way.
  6. Age-gender-position-difference and respect.
    1. An older man is to be treated like a father.
    2. An older woman is to be treated like a mother.
    3. When someone holds a position of authority then we must honor that authority as God has established.
    4. A young man in showing the deference attaches himself to the authority receiving the benefit of their counsel and wisdom and influence. Youth in inexperience require practical wisdom of age to strengthen and direct them and elders lack the energy and physical strength so that both have become great profit to each other.
    5. Younger men to younger men are to be treated as brothers. Allowing freedom of speech in common use of each other’s gifts with tolerance and kindness.
    6. Men to ladies: there must always be a respect and honor for her. Open doors for her giving her first place, because she is created to be always covered and protected. She is a receiver by nature and man is an initiator. All relationships are in purity sanctioned by God’s leading an approval. Love must be kept for one or lust will control and contaminate.
  7. Authority is God’s establishment of order. Without honor and respect for authority our world is in chaos. God operates in honor, respect and authority. This is God’s will and way.

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