Ricky Sinclair: Stolen – Bringing Hope Back

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Bringing Hope Back

Ephesians 4:26-32

I. Who is the Grinch?

A. He is a person that has been rejected because people did not accept him for his differences.

B. He is a person who has been wounded and lives out of a wounded heart.

C. He is a person that has chosen to become bitter and allow his heart to become smaller.

D. He is a person that has become jealous and envious of others joy and happiness.

E. So, he makes a decision from a bitter heart to attack and steal peoples joy and happiness.

F. He takes vengeance out on people to make them feel and hurt like him.

G. He has a bad attitude, he is grumpy, grouchy and very angry.

II. Do you know anyone like the Grinch?

A. If we are honest there are times when we all are the Grinch. We may not steal Christmas, but we steal peoples joy and peace by being grumpy and unpleasant.

III. So, what makes us the Grinch?

A. When we hold onto the pain and harbor past grievances and disappointments, it eats up our heart and causes us to resent anyone being blessed and happy. So, we attack and try to make their life miserable like ours.

B. Some people have been raised by the Grinch. They were taught to hold onto the past and never let a grudge go.

C. When we don’t use our hearts to love, forgive and trust God then we become small hearted.

D. So, we must learn to trade bitterness for love, anger for forgiveness and control for trust in God.

IV. Cain-Rejection: Genesis 4. Why did he really get angry at his brother?

A. He felt rejected and refused to take personal responsibility-so he blamed Abel.

B. Instead of getting his heart right by humbling himself to God, he chose to see Abel as the problem.

C. No, if I’m bitter and angry it’s not Abel’s fault. I must take responsibility and own me and fix the problem on the inside of me and stop blaming and pointing to things and people outside me.

D. Cain had a warped mind set of reality. He refused to see things as they really are.

E. FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real…

F. Thinking-do I blame others for my personal struggles? Do I point my finger at my spouse, my kids, my boss, my pastor, my situation, my circumstances?

G. I can never solve a problem by blaming others. In fact, a problem is an opportunity to be promoted.

V. Balaam-Different point of view: Numbers 22:21-40 Why did Balaam really get angry at his donkey?

A. Balaam wanted to go to Moab and his donkey refused to continue.

B. The problem was the donkey could clearly see an Angel in there way with a drawn sword.

C. Now the donkey’s point of view directly clashes with the prophets resulting in Balaam’s anger.

D. Balaam the prophet has limited perception because of a deep desire for money that caused him to only have tunnel vision.

E. Amazingly God was trying to change Balaam’s course by circumstances and events.

F. Really the obstacle was God’s mercy designed by God to guide and protect.

G. Instead of listening to the donkey with God’s message Balaam got frustrated and angry.

H. The anger of man never works the righteousness of God. (James 1:20)

VI. Haman-Control: Esther 7-8: Why did Haman really get angry at Mordecai?

A. Pride had gotten a hold of Haman because of his high position in the Persian empire.

B. At the Kings gate when the nobles saw Haman they would bow in respect.

C. But there was one noble man name Mordechai, who would not bow as he knew what kind of man Haman was.

D. Haman rather than ignore or try to earn Mordecai’s heart he became so angry he plotted to kill Mortdecai and even the whole Jewish race.

E. Because of Haman’s insecurity and control he felt threatened by the disrespect.

F. Instead of trusting God with what he couldn’t control he chose to operate out of bitterness, anger and hatred taking revenge.

G. The very instrument he built to kill Mordechai was what they used to kill him.

H. The very trap you set for people will be the trap that gets you. (Proverbs 26:27)

VII. Takeaways:

A. Never blame-Own it.

B. Always trade bitterness, anger and control for love, forgiveness and trust in God.

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