Ricky Sinclair: The Birth of a Savior

Sermon notes: Click on link below

Luke 2:34-35 

Why did Simeon tell the Virgin Mary, “A sword shall pierce through your own soul also, that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed”? 

I. The world Jesus was born into: 

A. Rome had been in Civil War for 20 years. 

B. These were the years of bloody, brutal fighting for power and money in Rome and the provinces. 

C. Jesus’ world was wrecked by war, destruction, brutality and immorality. 

D. 20 years of civil war had brought neglect to farms, homes, towns, the law, government and administrations. 

E. When Jesus was born the war was over, yet the Roman empire was still not totally stable and was in the process of being restored by Cesar Augustus. 

F. Wealth had been stolen and taxed to pay for war. Men had lost their families, fortunes, futures. Lives were devastated, destroyed. 

G. Robbers had made every street unsafe at night. Travelers were kidnapped and sold into slavery. 

H. Trade and investments had stood still, interest rates were at rates you could never pay back, property values fell. 

I. Morals and values were replaced by poverty, destitution and chaos. Many people had no economic footing and there was no moral stability. 

J. Jesus’ world was filled with death, disease and despair. Now Jesus is born at the time the Roman world is coming out of this mess. 

II. The birth of Jesus was in a public place:

 A. No room for Him in the inn which would be a safe and private place to have a baby. 

B. Jesus is born in the public. There were animals that people traveled on. People drinking, partying, gossiping and children playing. The kingdom of heaven is among people. (Luke 2:7) 

III. The angel of the Lord announces the birth of Jesus and a multitude of angels from heaven rejoice and praise God. 

A. Angels preached good tidings to the shepherds. 

B. Shepherds were regarded as social outcast with a bad reputation of stealing as they moved about with the sheep. 

C. Shepherds were considered unreliable and even not allowed to give testimony in the courts. (Luke 2:8-13) 

D. How about Jesus who will change your reputation and even give you a good testimony. 

IV. Why the Savior was born: 

A. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.” (Luke 2:14) 

B. God loves and lives to put His glory in unlikely places and people, so His glory is clearly seen. (II Corinthians 4:7) 

V. Take always: 

A. Give God in the highest all the glory on planet earth. 

B. Receive and give the peace of God that comes in Christ our Savior. 

C. Live in God’s goodwill for all men. 

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