Ricky Sinclair: Financial Hope – Preparing for the Future

Financial hope 

Preparing for the future 

[[Numbers 13:27-33]]

Numbers 13:27-33, 14:1-4, 7-9, 11-12, 17-21, 30-38

Joshua 1:5-9, 14, 16 

Joshua 1:5-9, 14, 16

We must grow to maturity: 

1. Immature people think they are mature. 

2. Immature people deal with conflict and disappointment with aggression. 

3. Immature people react negatively to perceived rejection or abandonment. 

4. Immature people do not leave their comfort zones and resent those who do. 

5. Immature people blame others for their actions. 

6. Immature people crave what they can’t have. 

7. Immature people are empty and dissatisfied on the inside.

8. Immature people act childish because they are hiding behind a mask. They refuse to face their true selves, keeping the mask up takes all of their energy. 

9. Immature people take everything personally. 

10. Immature people do not respect boundaries in other people’s lives. 

11. Immature people assume that their opinions, needs and wants are the only ones that really matter. 

12. Immature people are cowards and pretend to roar like a lion, but they have the heart of a mouse. 

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