Ricky Sinclair: Heart Worship

Heart Worship

Luke 7:36-50

H-E-A-R-T:  Humility, Emotion, Adoration, Repentance, Thanksgiving1. Humility – A woman with a heart for God teaches us worship versus pride.

A. Think about this woman, she is a sinner that wanders off the street and into a high-class diner party uninvited and awkward.

B. She is kissing, weeping and pouring oil and perfume on Jesus and wiping His feet with her hair.

C. The woman knew she would be judged and criticized but did not care about her own reputation.

D. Her focus was Jesus and Him alone, nothing else mattered.

E. Simon judged her in his heart with condemnation.

F. Pride always hinders worship and causes us to be consumed with thoughts of our self.  Am I comfortable?  Do I look good to people around me?  Is everything up to my standards?

G. The woman teaches us that the only way to enter God’s presence is through humility.

2. Emotion:  Simon judged the way the woman worshipped.

A. She busted into the house and went straight to Jesus and totally focused on Him.

B. Simon never thought about her genuine heart.

C. The woman teaches us that we must never judge the worship of someone else.  Whether it is demonstrative or quiet.  Our eyes and heart are looking to God and our only focus is Him and not ourselves.

3. Adoration:  Jesus said to Simon, “you did not give me a kiss, you did not give me water for my feet”.

A. This woman has not ceased to adore Me.  She has risked being embarrassed and not accepted.

B. We see Simon did not risk anything or go to any trouble to demonstrate the true value of Jesus.

C. In fact, there is a sense that Jesus should feel like it is a privilege to be in Simon’s presence.  After all, this is an exclusive party with only a certain kind of people.

D. We must love and accept all people as sacred.

4. Repentance:  True worship requires an attitude of sincere repentance. 

A. The woman did not deny who she was and what she did.

B. Her tears communicated her sorrow for her past sins.

C. Simon said within his heart, “If Jesus was a real prophet, He would know who was touching Him.”

5. Thanksgiving:  The woman was so grateful that she gave all she had, kisses (present tense), tears (past tense), water to wash Jesus’ feet and oil mixed with spices, fit for a king.

A. She gave what she valued because of her love and devotion to Jesus.

B. Jesus said to her, “your sins are forgiven, your faith has saved you, go in peace.”

C. They that sat at the table said within themselves, “who is this that forgives sins, also.”

D. Pride and arrogance will always focus on self rather than worship towards God.

Takeaway today:  Worship always comes from out heart.

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