Ricky Sinclair: Arise – My Peace


My Peace

Philippians 4:4-8

I. Where does the peace of Jesus come from and how does it work?

A. The peace of Jesus is not a world peace.1. Money in your bank account will bring peace of mind.

2. Police, fences, locks, and gates all give us peace of mind. While I’m very grateful for this peace, and I give God glory, this peace of the world has its root in good circumstances and can come and go.

B. The peace Jesus gives us is not a peace that comes from this world, but rather it is a peace that transcends this world. (John 14:1-3)1. The peace of God works through God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

2. God’s peace is not dependent upon worldly circumstances.  In fact, crisis in this world gives God’s supernatural peace an opportunity to flow in our lives.

3. The peace of God is alive and it comes through His presence.

4. God promises us in this world we will have tribulation but in that tribulation His love, His power and His peace will be with us so that we can walk through anything.

II. Let’s look at the love of Jesus for us just before He is beaten, judged and crucified. (John 14:25-31) Think about it, the disciples are partaking in the last supper, just before going to Gethsemane where Jesus will be arrested.A. Jesus is thinking, “I want them to have My peace, I want them to have My joy, I want them to believe so they can experience the love between me and my Father.

B. On the way to the cross, Jesus thought more about our peace, joy and our believing than He did about Himself. What would we do and how would we act going towards the cross?

III. Jesus is really showing us and teaching us how to overcome this world.

A. Think about the world and its crisis. Where do fighting, addictions, corruption, and hostilities come from? Where do the impulses come from that drive these destructive behaviors?

1. They come from hearts that are void of the peace of Christ.

2. Void of the joy of Jesus, hearts that are not trusting Jesus Christ.B. When we believe and trust in Jesus and His Word, Holy Spirit guides us into all truth and teaches us all things and brings all things into remembrance whatsoever Jesus has said. (John 14:26)

C. This is the only way to overcome this world and is why God the Father sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

D. This is the most powerful, radical, global message in this world. This is good news that will transform your life, now and forever, as it has mine. There is no greater authority in the universe than the peace of God that comes in the name of Jesus Christ.

E. The peace of God is the foundation on which we build our lives. Our behavior comes from this peace. Without this peace we are lost, miserable, and not in control. In this particular area, we are no different than those without Jesus.

IV. Jesus says the ruler of this world is coming, but has no claim, has nothing in Me. (John 14:30-31)A. Think about it, Jesus is saying the devil is real and he is coming but he has no power over Me.

B. Jesus states that He is going to the cross because of His love for the Father and out of obedience. The devil did not decide His fate because He chose to do God’s plan and His will.

C. Jesus says, “Arise, let’s go.” Evil does not rule here, love does. He is expressing to us that demonic betrayal, lying and judgment are not ruling this night. Love is ruling through obedience to the Father.

D. Evil never caused the cross to manifest because it was God’s plan before the foundation of the world. (Revelation 13:8)

E. Jesus tells us ahead of time what is going to happen to Him. Why? To awaken our faith! God’s point is to make clear Who is in charge. It’s not Satan, Pilate, Herod, the soldiers or the Jews. God the Father is clearly in charge according to Acts 4:27-28. Jesus states that nobody takes His life. (John 10:18)

F. Trust Jesus, put your faith in the Father’s divine plan and power. Evil does not have power, we do, love does.

If love is in control in Christ darkest hour, then Love will be in control in your darkest hours. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.” (John 14:27)

In closing:

Jesus is not creating peace, He is bringing us into His peace.

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