Ricky Sinclair: The Accusation

The Accusation:

Luke 15:1-32I. This man receives sinners and eats with them.

1. This is the greatest news in the whole world.

2. The world is not your friend. The world does not care about you, but about itself. We live in the world, but we are not of the world.

3. The compassion of Jesus will lift the weight of the world and heal our wounded hearts. 

4. Jesus will be there in our weakness and in our weariness. He will be there in our sin and our sorrow.

5. Mercy searches out misery and unworthiness.

6. Grace searches for the guilty and the undeserving.

II. The lost sheep:1. The good shepherd searched until he found the sheep.

2. The good shepherd carried the lost sheep on His shoulder.

3. The good shepherd rejoiced. He was not angry, and he didn’t grudgingly pick the sheep up and carry him.

4. The good shepherd called together everyone to witness what had happened.

5. The Bible says that all of heaven rejoices and is involved in finding the lost.

6. Jesus is the hound of Heaven, seeking, searching and finding His sheep.

7. The sheep was lost by foolish wandering.III. The lost coin:

1. Jesus uses a woman – illuminating with a candle and sweeping the house, searching.

2. Your cell phone and keys have never been so valuable until you find them.

3. She did not quit until she found the coin.

4. The coin was lost by what someone else did.

5. The Holy Spirit is illuminating the way.IV. The lost sons:

1. The younger son said GIVE ME – rebellion.

2. The father gave him his inheritance knowing what he would do.

3. God’s love allows for rebellion and respect for your free will.

4. The younger son squandered all that he had and came to a desperate place.

5. As a Jew he found himself in one of the worst places he could be, slopping hogs in a pig pen.

6. In the pig pen the younger son came to himself and says, now. I will go home and ask my father to MAKE ME like one of his hired hands-Submission.

7. Independence says give me, but dependence says make me.

8. When the younger son gave in and submitted, he gained it all.

9. He quit blaming friends, father, brother, pigs, boss, circumstances.

10. He said, I will arise.

11. The father gave him everything he was really looking for in the world.

A. Right relationships

B. A robe, a ring, shoes, these are not necessities.

C. A party with everyone around feasting on the fatted calf.

D. The father gave him a godly, healthy, happy fulfilled life.

12. The younger son represents sinners and is Jesus response to the Pharisees accusation: This man receives sinners and eats with them.

13. The older son represents the Pharisees and self-righteousness.

A. When the older son heard the music and that the younger son was home, he got angry.

B. Self-righteous people are never satisfied and have a sense of self entitlement.

C. They secretly hide their bitterness and judgement, looking and waiting for a time of explosion.

D. Self-righteous people think they are better than others and deserve better treatment.

E. The older son would not go in to the celebration of the younger son.

F. But the same father who waited for the rebellious younger son went out to get the older son.

G. The great news of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit is this: No matter who you are, no matter how you are lost, The Trinity is coming for you.

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