Ricky Sinclair: Peeled – Divine Biblical Love

Divine Biblical Love
1 Corinthians 13:1-8

What does love look like in my life?
I. Love suffers long – Meaning to bear up under offense.
A. I must be patient when wronged.
B. I must choose forgiveness rather than resentment.
C. I must entrust my personal injustices to God without vengeance.
D. I must show forbearance toward the faults of others without being irritated.
II. Love is kind – It’s a genuine desire for God’s best in others, which motivates and compels us to perform acts of goodness and kindness to others.
A. I must be sensitive to the needs of others and generous to serve.
B. I must learn to speak gentle kind words that build up and release grace rather than harsh words that destroy.
C. I must do good to others without expecting a favor in return.
III. Love is not envious – Love is content with our position, possessions and people.
A. I must lay aside envy (a sour feeling) when other people are blessed around me.
B. I must put away selfish ambition, worldly thinking that causes conflict and destroys peace.
C. I must nurture a thankful heart, always rejoicing in the Lord. Thanking God for what He has given me instead of what I believe He has withheld from me.
IV. Love vaunteth not itself and is not puffed up – Love is humble and does not draw attention to itself, but to the one who is loved.
A. I must wage war against the many faces of pride: an independent spirit, a competitive spirit, a spirit that is unsubmitted, a stubborn spirit and a critical spirit.
B. I must not boast about myself, but only of God.
C. I must esteem others and rejoice when God exalts others around me.
V. Love does not behave itself unseemly – Love has manners and is not rude.
A. I must replace rudeness and foolish behavior with Godly biblical actions.
B. I must be courteous, to listen and not interrupt when others are talking.
C. I must respect others time by not being late habitually.
D. I must resist temptation to return insult for insult but instead speak words seasoned with grace.
E. I must not live self-centered but always be hospitable.
VI. Love seeks not her own – Selfless
A. I must think and intentionally look for jobs and things to do without being asked.
B. I must learn to give up personal preferences and give generously even if it seems crazy.
C. I must be willing to serve without glory and without being in charge.
VII. Love is not easily provoked – Frustrated or irritated.
A. I must be self-controlled and not easily angered.
B. I must not nurse wrong emotions and feelings that turn into bitterness.
C. I must choose to resolve my anger and seek to forgive.
VIII. Love thinks no evil – Does not keep a record of wrongs.
A. I must never keep a mental or paper list of wrongs committed against me, but instead, release those debts to God.
B. I must not hold sin against people to make them pay me for it. I must recognize that payment has already been made by Jesus for my sin and theirs.
C. I must work to practice biblical memory loss by choosing to not hold another’s personal sin against them.
IX. Love rejoices not in iniquity – Love is not glad when sin is exalted or evil things happen to others.
A. I must not delight in sin.
B. I must not be secretly glad when bad things happen to my enemies.
X. Love rejoices in truth – Love’s God’s righteousness.
A. I must not be apathetic toward false doctrine.
B. I must rejoice when the true gospel is preached, even if I may not approve or understand methods.
C. I must love my fellow believers enough to confront in love and forgive them when they repent.
XI. Love bears all things – Covers the sins of others.
A. I must give God opportunity to work in people’s lives.
B. I must provide a protective covering of love by remaining silent about the faults of others and restoring those trapped in sin (No Gossip).
C. I must trust God’s grace and mercy in my life and others.
XII. Love believes all things – Love trust, it chooses to believe the best in others, not the worst. Love chooses to be positive, not negative.
A. I must not believe everything I hear, but be faithful to discern people.
B. I must think the best of men and be slow to judge and accuse.
C. I must not always be suspicious of people’s motives.
XIII. Love hopes all things – Love expects the best, its optimistic.
A. I must refuse to give up hope for my family by ceasing to pray for them.
B. I must confidently expect God’s grace to triumph in people’s failures.
XIV. Love endures all things – It’s courageous and steadfast. Love does not and will not ever give up.
A. I must endure unjust persecution by overcoming evil with good.
B. I must face and fight the giants of life, never giving in or up.
C. I must endure suffering, knowing God has a purpose that is bigger than me.
XV. Love never fails – Love is a person – God. This love is supernatural and comes from a genuine work of God in the heart of man. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love”. 1 John 4:7-8

In summary: Everything we do for God and others, if done without love, amounts to nothing. All service that flows from a heart filled with love for God and others reaps fruit for eternity.

Next Week – The Fruit of Love

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