Ricky Sinclair: I will build my church

I Will Build My Church
Matthew 16:13-19

  1. What is the Church and how do I get in?
    A. Church – Greek word is ecclesia which means the called out.
    B. The church is an assembly of citizens summoned by God to a place of worship and counsel to transact kingdom business.
    C. When I believe in Jesus Christ, I become a member of the body of Christ and He starts to build His kingdom with me.
    D. I Peter 1:23, “Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which lives and abides forever.”
    E, I Peter 2:5, “You also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, a3 holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.”
    F. Every stone is fitted by God for the house He is building.
    G. Church is a filling station and a training station.
  2. What is our vision at Miracle Place Church (MPC)? Connecting and discipling through Community:
    A. Together at MPC we worship God, connecting and experiencing His love, power and presence.
    B. We cherish Christ, by accepting, loving, welcoming,
    honoring and blessing every person who is a newcomer, oldcomer, nocomer, use-to-be comer or invisible comer.
    C. Together we release in the atmosphere our faith to encourage and strengthen all people we come in contact with.
    D. MPC is a family walking out our struggles, studying and growing together.
    E. At MPC everyone is speaking life and releasing hope to stay God- focused in the race.
    F. MPC believes in kingdom culture. Every member is a priest and a minister for God’s kingdom. (I Peter 2:9-10)
  3. Shepherding at MPC
    A. Our church is led by praying pastors and leaders who have been in meetings with world renowned church consultants to develop systems, structure, and processes to take care of God’s sheep. (Ephesians 4:7, 11-16)
    B. Our goal is to connect every person to their God given grace, call and purpose.
    C. Angie Dore is our church administrator. With her assistant Kathy Galloway and our Go-to Guy Milton Sanders, they handle all the day to day oversite of the church – building and people. Church office number is 225.775.4321.
    D. Derrick Davis directs our worship team. Together with lead singer Anna Wilson they oversee all things worship. Anyone interested in joining our worship team may contact Derrick at 225.978.2687.
    E. John Mayers, Carla McNatt, Kim McMahon, and Alanya Brown are our connection team who oversee follow up and visitation to the hospital, shut-ins, first time visitors, roll call for attendance during church services, and weekly pastors on duty. John Mayers needs a big team to take care of God’s sheep. If you want to help and have a gift of administration please contact our point man John at 225.229.0477.
    F. Zach and Lorna Sinclair pastor our youth ages 13-18. They also teach Miracle Path classes for our new guests. If you have an interest or need in these areas, please contact Zachary at 225.937.2962.
    G. Pastors Ricky Dore and Charles Coleman both lead in our church and oversee our All The Way House discipleship program for men. They also manage our Joseph’s Storehouse thrift store Baton Rouge location. If you know someone that needs help with addiction or that may have donations for us, please call Charles at 225.328.9514.
    H. Treasure and Brian Henderson are our nursery directors. They have taken ownership of their area and have personally refreshed, repainted and redone all walls and floors. They care for our babies and are our first line to introduce them to the love Jesus. Treasure’s contact number is 225.247.3532.
    I. Christina Coleman oversees children’s church. These children are taught the Word of God in concepts they can understand and they really worship God! A safe space for children. Contact number for Christina is 916.949.8881.
    J. Christy Gravois and Eileen Rogers both lead in the church in our media department and manage our Joseph’s Storehouse thrift store Baker location. To volunteer or donate gently used items please contact Christy or Eileen at 225.615.8659.

    K. Bryan Rogillio is our IT and media department director. His area consist of our sound, cameras, lighting, television production, websites, graphics, and computers. If you have an interest in media evangelism please contact Bryan at 225.252.6852.
    L. Lee McCaleb is our director of security and oversees all aspects of security at MPC. Lee recently retired from the airport security and is an outstanding law enforcement agent. To volunteer for his team please call Lee at 225.772.5727.
    M. Dennis and Laura Tidwell supervise the parking lot ministry. They have personally taken ownership by striping the parking lot and putting up a speedbump to protect our guests. They are faithful at every service and realize the value of greeting people from the time they arrive on campus. To join the Tidwell Team contact Dennis at 225.610.8698.
    N. Rip Rittell is our evangelism pastor and teaches a Sunday school class. He also heads up Harvest Outreach the last Saturday of every month. We meet at 5 o’clock here on campus and then hit the streets to pray, share the gospel and invite people to MPC. If you’re interested in making a difference in the community outside of the church building then contact Pastor Rip at 225.910.7747. GO WHEAT!
    O. Mary Throckmorton volunteers in our coffee shop and shares responsibility with Ms. Norma Mayers for our reception desk in the foyer. To get involved contact Mary at 225.775.4321.
    P. Our ushers and greeters Danny McKenzie, Marion Johnson, Todd Keller, Linda Nicholas, and Roy and Janise Allen have been serving for many years ensuring that once people enter the building they are made comfortable and are assisted in locating anything or any place they may need, i.e., bathrooms, children’s church, classes.
    Q. Intercessors Ginger McKenzie, Linda Cotton, Lois Mautner, Diane Ford, Richard Orellana, Rema Fields, just to name a few, meet every Wednesday at 10am in the church sanctuary for prayer. Everyone is invited to attend.
    R. Pastor Eric Burges is our family counselor and teacher. If you have a need in this particular area he may be reached at 225.775.4321.
    S. We have many, many great leaders and precious people who serve, clean, teach, counsel, and do maintenance and upkeep. I can’t name everything and everyone who serves by name but can only say thanks for all you do and heaven is taking note.

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