Ricky Sinclair: Kingdom of God – I’m in

Kingdom of God

-I’m In –

I. Last week we asked what hinders people from growing around me.

A. We said we must take on the mindset and heart of a coach rather than a dictator.

1. We said we must ask questions, and allow people to think for themselves.

2. We said we must allow people to fail and fix their own problems. People must learn and grow through the process of life.

3. We talked about the art of communication, the illusion of communication, and the art of training people.

II. Today we want to talk about why we go to church.

A. Church is more than just showing up.

1. Everyone is needed and known in our community.

2. Everyone has purpose and knows they are making a difference in the lives of others.

3. Maybe you feel like something is missing in your life. Get connected by serving, Bible College, Miracle Path classes, and leadership classes.

4. Together as a community we will battle the forces of darkness day in and day out.

5. The church community stands together, lifting each other up, encouraging each other and praying for each other.

III. The heart behind our church and our identity in Christ.

A. I-N, I’m IN:

1. I’m invited into God’s family.

2. I’m invaluable to God’s work.

a. Everyone matters in God’s family.

b. Everyone has a gift and every gift is important.

3. I’m influential.

a. All followers of Christ are created by God to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world.

b. You are called by God to influence others for God’s glory.

4. I’m invested in God’s kingdom.

a. I’m invited.

b. I’m invaluable.

c. I’m influential.

d. I’m invested.

IV. The great news of Christ is that we’re invited to be a part.

A. What does it mean that Christ invites all to come to Him? (Matthew 11:28-30)

1. Have you ever felt left out, not invited, a sinking feeling in your stomach that your friend left you out.

2. I remember being invited to speak at a Rotary Club where I didn’t really feel accepted.

3. I heard a story about a woman and her family who left the church because they didn’t feel accepted. (Watch video for full story)

B. In Luke 7:36-50, we read about a woman who was not invited, but invited.

1. A sinful call girl walks into a Pharisee’s house. Shock, awkward, shame, guilt, embarrassment, rejection, pain, hurt, not accepted, judged, condemned, looked down upon, not good enough, one of those people. – Ever felt like that?

C. Let’s imagine how she possibly got here?

1. As a little girl did she dream of one day becoming the greatest prostitute in the world? I don’t think so.

2. Maybe she had a very distant uninvolved dad, that didn’t protect her from the wrong influences.

3. Maybe early on she made some bad decisions and started hanging out with the wrong crowds.

4. Maybe she was kidnapped and made a slave by force and drug addiction.

5. Maybe she had a dad that was twisted and abusive and took advantage of her and she became confused and lost her way.

6. Maybe she started to believe what happened to her was her fault with a deep sense of shame and guilt and started looking for love in the wrong ways.

7. Maybe both of her parents died while she was 15 and she had to take care of her eight-year-old sister and six-year-old brother. She could not take their crying for hunger.

8. Maybe she hated herself and despised every single day, but felt trapped.

9. I don’t think she wanted this lifestyle. Other women shunned her, men abused her. She felt used and unloved.

10. She lived with a feeling of never being safe, never being invited, never even mattering to anyone.

11. Maybe she had a decent upbringing but her sin nature got her off at some point and her life spiraled.

12. I’m sure she felt like a lot of us feel, not good enough, guilty for where we’ve been, wondering how we ended up where we are today?

13. Maybe we have been divorced or come from a divorced family, bankrupt, sick, no contact with children, an affair, alcoholic, rehab, lost, confused and maybe mad at God. You may say I never thought I would ever be in this place?

D. What did this sinful call girl do?

1. She walked into the critics and haters house. She found Jesus there in their mist.

2. She falls to her knees and her posture is worship.

3. She takes her most valuable possession, maybe her life’s savings, a bottle of perfume that she used in her lifestyle.

4. She gave it to Jesus in worship signifying she was giving Him her sinful lifestyle and taking His life to be hers.

5. She worshiped Jesus crying with her tears falling to Jesus‘s feet and then wiping His feet with her hair.

E. Why did this woman boldly walk into the judgment house and find Jesus?

1. She heard something she had never heard before – You’re Invited.

2. Jesus said you are welcome into the family of God – You’re still invited.

3. My Father sent Me to tell you – He loves you.

4. What changed this woman – shame, judgment? Nope!

5. What changed her was the invitation to know Jesus, to experience His grace, His love, His goodness, His freedom, His acceptance, His salvation.

V. Jesus didn’t come for the healthy.

A. Jesus came for the sick, the hurting and the broken. He is a friend of sinners.

B. Jesus said you are invited, come as you are, come now, come quickly.

C. No matter who you are, where you come from, no matter how bad you are or how bad you feel.

D. No matter if you question God and have let Him down, you are still invited.

E. Today I hope that you accept the invitation of Christ in His Kingdom and say with me: I’m IN!!!

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