Ricky Sinclair: I’m IN-Valuable

I’m IN-Valuable 

Luke 15:1-7 

I. Last week we talked about I-N, I’m In-Vited. 

A. We said everyone is invited into the family of God. 

B. We said everyone counts, no matter who they are or where they come from. 

C. We said everyone is needed, accepted and loved in our community. 

D. We said everyone has a purpose and they are making a difference in the lives of others. 

E. We said everyone at Miracle Place is standing together as family, lifting each other up and encouraging each other. 

F. Who’s IN? 

II. Today we are going to talk about how invaluable you are. Can you say – I’m invaluable…This is maybe one of the most difficult messages for people to believe about themselves. 

A. You are invaluable because you are you. Think about the odds of you. You are a child of God. 

B. You are invaluable because you were created for a purpose to make a difference in God’s church as God’s church. 

C. People have a hard time believing they can make a difference because they see others living for God and serving in the church and think, “I’m not good enough, not spiritual enough, and not smart enough to make a difference.” 

D. We think to ourselves, “I can’t quote scripture like them, I can’t pray good prayers like them and besides I’ve made some bad mistakes in my life.” 

E. Then comes the lie that so many of us believe which says if we weren’t here it really wouldn’t matter that much. Our little part doesn’t make that big of a difference. 

III. Today I pray that everyone in this family realizes they are uniquely prepared with divine gifts, passions and talents. 

A. God created you at this moment in history because it’s at this time you can best glorify God. You are invaluable to God’s work. Can you say – I’m In. 

1. Paul the apostle taught how invaluable each member of the body of Christ is. Many at Corinth felt a lot like us. Not born with a silver spoon, not highly educated, and many didn’t feel like they were qualified. 

2. Paul showed how invaluable they were by an analogy using the members of the body. 

(I Corinthians 12:13-20) 

3. The foot can’t say because I’m not the hand then I am not part of the body, I don’t count. I’m not as good, I’m just an old foot, who cares. No foot, you’re just as valuable as any other member. Can you say – I’m invaluable… 

4. And the ear can’t say because I’m not an eye, I can’t serve. If the whole body were an eye how could you hear? 

5. Just because you’re not on stage or out front like an eye, you’re just as valuable. 

6. What if your family came together and one member didn’t show up – would you be complete? 

7. What do you call a lot of elephants, a lot of lions, a lot of Christians? As a group we take on a new identity. 

IV. You are valuable because you were created for God’s purpose, to make a difference in God’s church. To live the Jesus experience and to give the Jesus experience. 

A. When the enemy tells you, “You’re not important, quit, you don’t matter, no one cares about me.” Say, “No, God’s Spirit lives in me and I am a valuable part of the body of Christ.” 

1. Your role, your part, your presence, your voice, your opinion, your contribution matters in the family of God. 

2. The enemy whispers, “But you have done bad things and made mistakes.” We do not judge people. We believe God uses even our mistakes to teach us and equip us. I’ve made mistakes and now realize that I was a miracle waiting to happen. 

3. When I committed my heart to the grace of Jesus while reading a Bible a jailer brought to me, my life was and is completely changed. 

4. Some people may never know of the invaluable impact you have had. Maybe you gave a Bible to a prisoner, prayed for me and Jeannie and the church, smiled when someone new who was fearful and intimidated came to our church. Picked a piece of trash up in the parking lot. 

5. Because of your kindness someone experienced Jesus. Just because what you do may not be as visible does not mean it’s not important. 

6. Sometimes when we sleep our arm may fall asleep and feel paralyzed. When we get up we must wake that member up because we need it. It has a unique position and function that only it can do. 

V. Today you may say, “I am disqualified.” I have messed up, I don’t know enough, my life is not perfect and you don’t know my past. 

A. Listen, your past does not disqualify you from being used by God. In fact, your past is actually what prepares you for what God is calling you to do. Whatever you have been through has prepared you. That’s your testimony. That’s your authority and power. 

B. “I have been a drug addict.” Great! Now you can shine light on others who are struggling. 

C. “I have been divorced.” Now you can help someone heal. 

D. “I have been abused.” Now you can help someone find hope. 

E. “But I was addicted and I still struggle and I have doubts. I don’t know that much about the Bible.” If you can love somebody and lead them to the Jesus experience you are prepared to be a part of the body of Christ. 

F. Don’t let perfect spiritual people intimidate you. Always be more concerned with being real not a fake right. 

VI. Your presence today matters to the heart of God. You are a part of his family. 

A. Your story matters, your gifts matter, your talents matter, and your heart matters. 

B. Just think what would be possible if all of us stepped up to do what we are uniquely created by God to do? 

C. What if next week each one of us brought one person to church? 

D. What if each one of us would decide to inspire 10 in passion for our families, jobs, church and everywhere we go. (0-10 scale) 

E. Yes, we are all invaluable and the only way we don’t measure that value is wrong thinking, wrong believing, and wrong living. 

So are you IN? 

NEXT WEEK: I’m IN-Fluential. 

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