Ricky Sinclair: Culture is Mindset w/ Angie Dore

Culture is Mindset 

Proverbs 23:7 

I. What is my mindset, my beliefs and thoughts about: 


B. Leadership at MPC 

C. My position and those on my team? 

II. MPC Mindset-core Values

A. We believe in ______________

B. We believe in ______________

C. We believe in ______________

A. We believe in  Jesus

B. We believe in ______________

C. We believe in ______________

A. We believe in  Jesus

B. We believe in  People

C. We believe in ______________

A. We believe in  Jesus

B. We believe in  People

C. We believe in  Community

III. MPC Identity and Purpose 

A. Who-  _____________________

A.  Who – MPC

1. We are a body of imperfect people striving to be like a perfect God. 

2. Our goal is to meet people right where they are. 

3. To help people flourish into productive beings that God created them to be. 

B. How-  _____________________

B. How – Love and Unity

1. We are loved by God, therefore each day we live to love those around us. 

2. We believe that together we are better and can accomplish more. 

C. What-  ____________________

C.  What – Connect & Disciple

1. As we connect with Jesus, we connect others forming relationships that grow together in Christ. 

D. When-  ____________________

D.  When – Lifestyle

1. We live to love and serve everywhere-at all times.

E. Why-  _____________________

E: Why – The Jesus Experience

1. We share our experiences with Jesus with everyone-bringing hope, freedom and growth. 

IV. Giving and receiving feedback. 

Proverbs 27:6 

A. Without honest, timely feedback your personal and organizational growth will always be limited.

1. Many of us want to know when we are doing something right, but we might also fear or avoid hearing feedback when we’re not right. 

B. Don’t dread feedback, crave it. 

1. Many people do not know how to give helpful feedback. 

2. Many people do not know how to receive feedback. 

C. We receive feedback every day in all of our lives. 

1. We are graded, ranked, and rated. 

2. We are scored, chosen, accepted. 

3. We are rejected or invited. 

D. How do you handle that feedback? 

1. If you use it to create a healthy culture it will be vital to your success and your team’s success. 

E. We must Separate the do from the who. 

1. Feedback is about performance and actions not identity. 

2. Feedback tells me how to improve, so I shouldn’t feel like it’s a critique of who I am. 

3. When we start to get defensive, that probably is an area that we need to listen to, instead of fight against. 

4. Feedback cannot be something we endure. 

5. Feedback is something we must embrace. 

F. Ask clarifying questions when receiving feedback. 

1. I don’t like the things that I just heard, but rather than being defensive I must train myself to say: 

2. Tell me more and help me to understand. 

3. This question will make you better and will show that you value those around you. 

V. Leaders who don’t listen to others will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say. 

A. The wrong reasons to give feedback: 

1. To defend or excuse your own behavior. 

2. To demoralize or condemn. 

3. You’re in a bad mood. 

4. To appease a third-party. 

5. And make yourself seem superior or powerful. 

B. The right reasons to give feedback: 

1. A commitment and concern for another. 

2. A sense of responsibility. 

3. To guide and mentor. 

4. To support and enhance another. 

Get Golf ball: Game 

Don’t miss Sunday 

I am influential 

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