Ricky Sinclair: Who’s IN

– Who’s IN – 

Matthew 5:13-16 

I’m IN-vited, 

I’m IN-valuable, 

and I’m IN-fluential 

Today my goal and prayer is that you will see yourself  as an influencer for God’s glory. 

I. What does it mean to be salt and light in the world? 

A. Salt: Purifies, preserves and adds flavor. 

B. Light: Overcomes darkness, shines love, comfort, direction and hope. Light is Life. 

C. Salt and light is influence and we are the salt and the light of the world. 

II. Think about it: I am Influential 

A. One conversation, one word of encouragement, one expression of love is all it takes to change someone’s life. 

1. I believe that we have to see ourselves as God sees us, that we are influencers. 

2. I believe that we are called by God to be light in the world and show the love of God, day in and day out. 

B. Who has influenced you for Christ? 

C. Who influenced Ricky and Jeannie to start the church? 

1. Influence is not always obvious. 

2. Influence is not always instant. 

D. God is going to use you in a moment, in a season, and in a lifetime to plant seeds of encouragement, seeds of love in people that will change their course of life forever. 

III. An Unlikely Influencer 

(John 4:4-42) 

A. The Bible tells a story about a woman that no one ever thought would have influence. 

1. Jesus, on a trip, passes through Samaria where the Jews didn’t go because of their prejudice toward the Samaritans. 

2. Jesus stops at a well to rest and meets a woman who is blown away that Jesus, a Jew, is talking to her and asking her for a drink of water. 

3. Jesus offers her living water and touches her heart as He speaks about her life. 

B. The woman is touched by the love in Jesus’s heart for her. 

1. Jesus did not shun her for her five divorces and her current living situation with a man she wasn’t married to. 

2. Jesus respects and honors her even knowing that she was an outcast in her community. 

3. Jesus does not look at her as immoral but as a miracle waiting to happen. 

C. An unknown Samaritan woman takes her influence and reaches the whole city. 

1. No matter how bad your life is messed up, you’re not too far gone for the love of God to reach. 

2. You don’t have to know it all, you don’t have to have it all together to be an influencer for Jesus. 

3. You don’t have to pray powerful sounding prayers and know all the scriptures in the Bible to be used an influencer for God. 

4. You don’t have to be perfect and have everything fixed in your life to begin to influence. 

5. You just have to know who Jesus is and care about people around you. 

IV. When you love and care about people in front of you, then you are salt and light, an influencer for God. 

A. You are an influencer: 

1. When you smile and speak with encouraging words and look someone in the eyes with God’s love (MPC 10-4). 

2. When you touch with God’s love someone who feels uncomfortable and nervous, you’re an influencer. 

3. When you post a scripture, a sermon clip on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or somewhere on social media just think of the influence you are having in the lives of people; many that you may not even know. 

4. When you worship and carry yourself in the love of Jesus you are salt and light, an influencer in this world for Jesus. 

B. Pray for Holy Spirit to show you and interrupt you to do His work this week. 

1. Pray for Holy Spirit opportunities. 

2. Pray He will give you strategies. 

3. Stand ready, be mindful and sensitive to His lead this week and throughout this year. 

C. Think about the people in your life you can most strategically influence. 

1. Who is it that God might be calling you to influence? 

2. How can you be most influential? 

3. Think about the ways in which God has gifted you to be influential. 

4. Remember – one conversation, one encouragement, one love. 

NEXT WEEK: Generous – God is not after our stuff, He’s after our heart 

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