Ricky Sinclair: How to inspire your team

 How to Inspire Your Team 

Jeremiah 29:11 

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of good, and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future.” 

I. One of the top three qualities a leader can possess is the ability to inspire people to action.

A. People who work for an inspirational leader are: 

1. Enthused 

2. Encouraged 

3. Energized 

4. Motivated 

5. Engaged 

6. Appreciated 

B. They believe that what they do matters, that they are making a difference. 

C. Inspirational leadership makes way for people to grow and improve. 

II. Top three inspirational traits: 

A. Consistency:

1. Consistency is the only thing that will move you forward. 

B. Focus: 

1. Being task focused will keep you from being distracted and from giving up. 

C. Empowerment: 

1. Always believing in people. 

2. Extending them trust. 

3. Helping them soar. 

4. Celebrating them and cheering them on. 

III. Centeredness: 

A. Living and Leading from a state of assuredness. 

B. Internal alignment: 

1. Guided by values: 

2. Driven by purpose: 

3. Obsessed by mission: 

4. Living a Calling: 

5. Living from a heart of passion. 

IV. People Must Feel: 

A. Satisfaction: 

1. Gives the freedom to perform. 

2. Recognized. 

3. Treated fairly. 

B. Engagement: 

1. They are on the team and have the ability to grow. 

2. They are there making a difference. 

3. They are there doing something they believe is valuable. 

C. Inspiration: 

1. Comes when people feel satisfaction and engagement. 

2. Inspiration is Life giving. 

How can you better inspire people? 

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