Zachary Sinclair: Spiritual Habits

Spiritual Habits
#1 Spending time with God
Think of your closest friends, how do you spend time together?
There isn’t one way to spend time together, that’s not how relationships or adventures work.
We have to see our relationship with God as an “Adventure, not a formula.”
Tired of the same ole thing? Then you are ready to take the next steps with your faith.
James 4:8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. NLT
We can draw near via: Worshipping, praying for others, soul-winning, Missions trips, Small groups, online Bible college.

#2 Spending time with others
The people we journey with have the power to impact our faith! Talk about a time someone close to you had a positive influence on you. Activity on Influence: you will need a blindfold and 2 volunteers. Check video Some relationships you can’t choose: Family, co-workers, classmates…so what do we do? “You can choose to invest in a few great relationships” Proverbs 13:20 Walk with the wise and become wise. Associate with fools and fall into trouble. NLT Show me your friends and I will show you your future. How do we balance having relationships with people who know Jesus and people who don’t? Answer: “As long as you are affecting them and they are not infecting you.” Give personal examples your people can relate to. Romans 12:2 Do not conform to this World, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. KJV Make sure you elaborate some on this scripture.

#3 Sharing your story (testimony)
“Your story will always be in progress, NOT complete.” Why should we share our story? 1. Because someone needs to hear it. 2. Because sharing your story makes things clearer. 3. Because sharing your story helps you grow. -Give some members an opportunity to share their faith.

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