God’s Highway

God’s Highway

Isaiah 35:1-10

Miracle Place Church

April 9, 2020

  1. I. God’s promise:
  1. A. Restoration of the land.
  2. B. Restoration of His people.
  3. C. The wilderness shall be glad for them.
  4. D. The desert shall rejoice and blossom.
  5. E. As we travel on God’s High-Way, He is turning everything for our good.
  6. F. God says, they shall see the glory of the Lord and His excellence. (Isaiah 35:1-2)
  1. II. Strengthen the people:
  1. A. Strengthen your weak hands-He teaches my hands to war and work.
  2. B. Straighten your feeble knees: Pray and do. (Isaiah 35:3)
  1. III. Speak faith to the people. Say to the fearful:
  1. A. Be strong, 
  2. B. Fear not, 
  3. C. Your God will come, and
  4. D. He will come and save you. (Isaiah 35:4)
  1. IV. Then comes healing:
  1. A. Blind eyes shall be opened, deaf ears shall be unstopped.
  2. B. The lame shall leap as a deer.
  3. C. The tongue of the dumb shall sing.
  4. D. In the wilderness shall water flow and streams in the desert. (Isaiah 35:5-7)
  1. V. God’s highway 
  1. A. The highway is a high, built up road that is called the way of holiness.
  2. B. Not that you are holy within yourself, but He is and you are His.
  3. C. This highway is a special highway meant only for God’s people, the travelers.
  4. D. This highway is so special that even fools can’t run off the road.
  5. E. This highway provides total protection, no lions or dangerous beast allowed. (Isaiah 35:8-9)
  1. VI. The ransomed of the Lord:
  1. A. They shall return with songs and everlasting joy.
  2. B. They shall obtain joy and gladness and sorrow and sighing shall flee away from them. (Isaiah 35:10)
  1. VII. I believe as we choose God’s highway His promises will be activated in our lives.
  1. A. I believe He is turning our situation for our good.
  2. B. I believe this is an opportunity for us to see His glory.
  3. C. I believe God will come and save us.
  4. D. I believe our eyes and ears will be opened (healed).
  5. E. I believe we will leap and run like deer.
  6. F. I believe we will speak great things from our experience.
  7. G. I believe the wilderness and desert will turn into life and a godly flow for us.
  8. H. I believe that God will keep us on His highway.
  9. I. I believe that we are totally secure and safe on God’s highway.
  10. J. I believe weeping may endure for a night but joy is coming for all of us in the morning.

God is faithful and everything is going to be alright.

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