The Revelation of the Cross

The Revelation of the Cross

Matthew 13:15

  1. Why – Who:  Psalms 22:1-5
  2. Crossover:  Isaiah 53:4-5
  3. New creature in Christ:  2 Corinthians 5:17-19,21
  4. Parable of the sower:  Matthew 13:15,18-23
  1. I.Life’s Pain: The hurt we feel when we cry out and no one seems to care or answer.  All have turned their face away from me. Questions we ask:
    1. Why? Psalm 22:1-2; Matthew 27:46 – Jesus did not question God’s will.  His cry is what a broken heart wonders in desperation.
    2. Who are you? Psalm 22:3-5 – God is holy, He inhabits praise, He’s trustworthy and He will deliver me.
    3. Who am I? Psalm 22:6-7 – I am a no man, a reproach of men and despised of the people.
    4. What is happening? Psalm 22:12-16 – Strong bulls surround me, roaring lions open their mouths to attack me, and evil dogs crucify me.
    5. Consequences of Affliction*Psalm 22:1-18 – Jesus paid the price.
      1. I am forsaken of God.
      2. I am far from being helped.
      3. I am far from being heard.
      4. I am a nomad.
      5. I am a reproach of men.
      6. I am despised of people.
      7. I am mocked of men.
      8. Men were determined to destroy me.
      9. My life blood is poured out like water.
      10. All my bones are out of joint.
      11. My heart is melted like wax.
      12. My strength is gone.
      13. My tongue is so dry it cleaves to my jaw.
      14. My hands and feet are pierced.
      15. My bones are out of joint and it causes men to stare at me.
      16. Men want and gamble for my clothes.
  2. The Cross:  Jesus shed His blood from His side to restore us and to take control over every emotion in life.  God’s unconditional love is:
    1. At the moment of conception.
    2. Before you were born.
    3. During birth.
    4. Every day of your life.
    5. When you face adversity.

In Conclusion:

  1. Give God your pain and affliction.
  2. Remember He is the only one who can take it away.
  3. Praise and worship God and trust Him completely.
  4. Forgive the people that have wounded your heart and emotions.
  5. Make a decision to not look at the past and to forget those experiences.
  6. Ask the Lord for charisma and grace to share God’s love and care with others.
  7. Speak the blood of restoration over your family and finances.

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