The Lazarus Experience

The Lazarus Experience

Love – Death – Glory of God

John 6:27-29

John 11:1-46

  1. I. What does Love really mean?
  2. A. Love means giving us what we really need most.
  3. II. Death means we really do not die in Christ.
  4. A. Jesus is the resurrection and the life.
  5. III. Glory – God’s purpose is for us to really see His glory.
  1. A. God will do whatever has to be done in order for us to believe in Him.
  2. B. The work of God is to believe in Him and to know Him with all of our heart. Deep waters allow God to teach us and show us who He is.
  3. C. God’s desire for us is for us to treasure Him more than anything in this world.

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