Justice – Heroes Embrace Who God Made Them To Be

JUSTICE – Heroes Embrace Who God Made Them To Be

Genesis 1:26-27 Colossians 2:6-10

I. Real Life Hero – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A passage from Martin Luther King Jr.’s autobiography. “King is most often remembered as a prominent leader in the Civil Rights Movement who delivered the legendary “I have a Dream” speech. However, there is a more private and less known side of King, which reveals his struggles and weakness. We learn MLK Jr. experienced fear, despair, and self-doubt in the midst of pressure and threats from the Civil Rights movement. King even admits that at one point, he had decided that he would quietly back out of the protest. He describes that moment: ‘It seemed that all my fears had come down on me at once…And I got to the point that I couldn’t take it any longer. I was weak.’

It was in this moment of utter weakness that Martin Luther King Jr. found strength. He came to the point where he couldn’t face life alone, and it was then that the Lord spoke to him. In this amazing moment with God, King says that, ‘He promised never to leave me alone. At that moment I experienced the presence of the Divine as I had never experienced Him before. Almost at once my fears began to go. My uncertainty disappeared. I was ready to face anything.’ And it was true; King was ready to face anything. He pressed on in his fight for rights, despite the endless threats on him and his family.

If we are honest I believe all of us have self-doubt and fears. These are struggles that every individual experiences, no matter how outwardly strong and confident one might seem. Yet, King was strengthened in his weakness because it was in that moment of despair that he came to the end of himself and looked to God for strength. It was the divine strength of God in him that allowed him to face the dangers and struggles that lied ahead.” —This reading is a wonderful reminder to us of an important truth — Strength can only be found while relying on God rather than ourselves.


  1. Super Heroes
    1. Superman had big strengths and big weaknesses.
      1. Kryptonite was something in this world that hindered and paralyzed his purpose and supernatural power.
      2. In Superman’s secret identity he had other weaknesses. He was timid, awkward and had difficulty expressing his feelings toward people he cared about.
      3. What internal and external weaknesses will we have to overcome to fulfill our divine mission?
    2. Captain Marvel’s weakness was that she didn’t know who she was, she couldn’t remember her past, her family, or even her own name. What if, like Captain Marvel, discovering who we are is the secret to unlocking our own super powers?
      1. Let’s think about when we were little, what kind of hero did we dream about becoming?
      2. What do those dreams reveal about who we are?
      3. What if our dreams about saving the world aren’t that far-fetched?
      4. What if we have the potential to become more than we ever thought possible?
  2. Jesus was a G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Before and After Mark 1:9-13 A. Preparation – “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”
    1. Even if we don’t see it and even if we don’t feel good enough, we are worth it.
    2. Every drop of blood Jesus shed was for each of us.B. Validation – Comes after Obedience. 1. After He came up. C. Temptation – Wilderness 1. In our lives, the dry places may be the greatest, most used place by God. D. Demonstration – Proving the promise of God.
      1. Faith is believing before, what we will understand after. E. Visitation – Angels are on their way to strengthen and minister to us.
  3. Rise Up
    A. Learn to praise Him before the after.
    B. Remember Jesus is a Lion and so are we.
    1. Jesus will turn a table over and tell us what we need to hear, and it is not always what we want to hear.
    2. Jesus only lives to impress one, His Father.

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