Superheroes Care – Do you see the need?


Care – Do You See the Need

John 13:34-35; 13:20

I. Superheroes help people:

A. Who is someone who cared for you? How did they care for you, and how did that impact you?

B. What are some of the ways Jesus cared for the people in front of Him? What do His actions reveal about Him?

C. Write one way Jesus’ care for you has inspired you to care for others.

1. God’s decision to love me sacrificially reminds me to love others unconditionally.

2. Jesus didn’t care for people to be flashy or to show off His power. He cared for people to show them the depth of His love.

3. Jesus didn’t hold back His kindness until He had a crowd to watch or a friend to film it for social media. Jesus cared for people in front of Him with no thought of agenda or reward.

II. Caring for people in front of you: 

A. Ordinary places are filled with extraordinary opportunities to care for others. Make a list of places you go daily, weekly and monthly such as school, work, a friend’s house, restaurant, store, gas station, coffee shop, etc.

B. Wherever you are, it’s easy to be aware of the people you can see.

C. Look for the needs that surround you, knowing that many of those needs may be small and hard to spot.

D. Jesus once asked His disciples, don’t you have eyes to see? Don’t you have ears to hear? I wonder if Jesus ask us the same thing when we overlook the needs of people?

E. Here are a few ways we can see and hear more clearly.

1. Smile at someone who’s alone. (But don’t be creepy.)

2. Surprise someone by asking them how they are doing.

3. Give someone something they need, a meal, a hug, pay for their gas.

4. Ask someone a question about themselves and then really listen to their answer.

5. Pay attention to how others are feeling.  If you see someone hurting or angry, see if you can make them feel better.  You might try to make them laugh, or give them advice, or simply sit and be there with them.

F. Memorize four words:

1. Awareness – The first step in caring for people in front of us is to be aware of them and their needs.

2. Listen – To care for people in front of us, we must actively listen to the things they say.

3. Interpretation – In order to care for the people in front of us, we have to think about how our words may be perceived.

4. Sensitivity – While caring for the people in front of us we must be sensitive to their experiences and viewpoints that we may not fully understand.

III. Action

A. What’s one way you want to work on becoming more aware of the people and needs around you?

B. Why do you think it’s so difficult to really listen to others? What’s one way you want to get better at it?

C. Have you ever said something that accidentally hurt or offended someone? What happened and what can you learn from that experience?

D. When can sensitivity be a negative trait? When can it be a positive trait? How can we work on becoming more sensitive, in a good way?

E. What’s one way you’re going to put into action this week? Remember, like Jesus, Christians care for people.


Superheroes are stronger when they’re on a team.

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