God’s Presence Is It

God’s Presence – IS IT:

1 Chronicles 13:14

June 18, 2020

  1. Pat Robertson says he had a dream:
    I heard these words: “Lifelong injustices will be suddenly overturned. There will be daybreak demonstrations of My justice.”

    When the Lord spoke these words, a sense surrounded me, so strongly, that major injustices in the lives of believers, and in the earth, were being suddenly overturned in a day. These major demonstrations of His power to overturn injustices are going to restore the fear of God in the church and cause the earth to tremble at the majesty and power of God. The Lord is going to demonstrate in powerful ways that He is the one who sits on high, and He is the name above all names. He is the mighty victor.
  2. Obed-Edom
  3. Who is Obed-Edom? 
  1. Why be like him?
  2. His choices and his life led to blessings for himself and his family. 
  3. Obed-Edom is first mentioned in the Bible just after the death of Uzzah for touching the Ark of God. This happened during King David’s first attempt to move the Ark to Jerusalem. 
  1. The Ark of God was placed in the home of Obed-Edom.
  2. He must have been a man of faith to allow this in his home; just after God had killed someone for touching it (this broke one of the commands of the Lord concerning the Ark). 
  3. The ark of God remained with Obed-Edom for three months, and the Lord blessed his household and everything he owned.
  4. When it came time to move the Ark to Jerusalem, (this time correctly) Obed-Edom had a choice. He could have stayed where he was and lived off of his past relationship with God or move with the Ark of God, staying in God’s presence and in relationship with God.
  1. Obed-Edom had a desire for the Lord and moved with God. 
  2. His desire for the Lord caused him to do whatever it took to be close to the Lord.
  3. He became a gatekeeper, a musician, and a doorkeeper for the house of God.
  4. Due to Obed-Edom’s desire and love for the Lord and his faithfulness, God begins again to bless him and promote him.  
  5. Obed-Edom becomes a worship leader and is mentioned along with Aspah the Chief Musician. 
  6. Obed-Edom and his 68 associates, minister regularly before the Lord in worship. Yet, he still continues to keep the gates.
  7. Obed-Edom is not only blessed in ministry and relationship with the Lord, his family is also blessed. 
  1. God gives him eight sons. 
  2. His sons and grandsons also worshiped the Lord and were blessed by the Lord. 
  3. They were all leaders, men with strength to do the work. 
  4. There were 62 men in all. Obed-Edom, along with his other duties, was put in charge of the Southgate and his sons were keepers of the storehouse.
  5. Obed-Edom, by his faith, attitude, and actions created a legacy of faith and relationship with the Lord. 
  1. The Lord was faithful to Obed-Edom, establishing a legacy of generational blessings.
  2. Obed-Edom had to pack up and physically move to stay in the presence of God.
  3. His desire for a relationship with God established a relationship not only for himself, but also for his children and grandchildren. 
  4. Today, we don’t have to travel to a specific place to know the presence of the Lord or to have a relationship with the Lord.
  1. We, as believers, all have the Holy Spirit within us. 
  2. But it is up to each of us to stir up the desire to seek out our own relationship with God.
  3. We can have this relationship with the Father by first, hungering and thirsting after righteousness, we will be filled. (Matthew 5:6)
  4. We must work to keep our hearts pure and we will see God. (Matthew 5:8)
  5. We must seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. (Matthew 6:33)
  6. So be an Obed-Edom:
  1. Have a desire for God. 
  2. Keep your heart pure. 
  3. Study and meditate on the Lord and relax and rest in God’s presence. 
  4. Get up and get involved.
  5. God will bless you and your family and create blessings for you, and generational blessings for your family. (Matthew 5:3-16)

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