Teamwork Family Unity

Miracle Place Church

Father’s Day 2020

Team: n. a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. v. come together to achieve a common goal. Now we may work with others outside of our noun team to accomplish some changes or reach some goals but our loyalty and heart reside with our noun team, our compadres, our brothers and sisters, our kingdom calling, our God team. Our God team is broader than MPC. Miracle Place is a local body but on the whole we have brothers and sisters throughout the world. 

On a team, the members work a lot harder out of inspiration than fear. The coach who has the ability to inspire is more powerful because he’s not just pushing you further than you thought you could go, he’s pulling out of you what is deep inside encouraging you to be more. He’s not only concerned about winning but about developing you as a person.

The greatest expression of teamwork is the Trinity. 

You have three parts of God who equally make the whole. No one is better, everyone has a different function, and one defers to the others position. Pastor Ricky Dore’ said it beautifully Thursday night: in the Old Testament the presence of the Father was upon us, in the gospels Jesus walked with us and in the remainder of the New Testament to present Holy Spirit abides within us.

They each have their particular area, they each have a different manner, yet they are one. Father backed up and sent Jesus, when Jesus left He said Holy Spirit will come. Holy Spirit is with us until the day of redemption. In the same way, we are compared to a body with different parts. All our parts are necessary, all parts have a function, yet they are all joined together as one body. You may say, “Well I can live without such and such.” And maybe you can but speaking as a person who has lost a very small but significant part of my body, you will not be the same, you can make it but you’re altered and will have new challenges that you can’t imagine. Keep the parts!

On our team we are never alone, we’re always supported by the presence of God and each other. Jesus said in John 10:30, “I and the Father are one.” In John 17:20-21 Jesus asked the Father to make us one as They are one as proof that He came and is real. We are one team in the body of Christ. I Peter 2:5 says that we are living stones built into a holy habitation. We were designed for community. Even the loner has a place in the Body of Christ. God knows each one of us and has given us a unique task to accomplish. 

The Importance of Coming Together

II Corinthians 13:11 tells us to comfort one another.  When we surround ourselves with others pulling in the same direction, with similar beliefs, values, interests and goals it will make all the difference in the world in terms of our success. 

I like Booker T. Washington’s version of accomplishment, “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. Many are looking to achieve the American dream, looking for that plot of land and a house. Know this, with that comes taxes, repairs and you have to mow the plot. Lemme just say that there’s nothing wrong with living in a rental. Sometimes it makes more sense. I grew up in apartments, trailers and tin cans with no heat or air, or entertainment, and no people. At one time, I was in the middle of tunica hills with not so much as a radio. When your greatest form of entertainment is watching the mice play, I don’t know, we got issues. 

But I made it through without the heater, without the a/c, without the entertainment, here I am proof that you can make it too. In other words, the American dream is not the standard for success, your strength and character as a person is part of your success story. A life surrendered to Christ is a success.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it takes a team to get to where you want to go. There will always be hurdles and God, by design, has given us one another to soothe, promote, instruct and love through the journey. We are a blessed people because of the nature of communion and unity of our God. We need to rethink our idea of success. Focus on kingdom, on promoting other’s and what’s important to God. From that we’ll find purpose and fulfillment for this life. 

Teamwork makes the dream work! Everyone has a part to play on Gods team. I think about the followers of Christ, Team Jesus, you had John the beloved, probably wore a man bun and smelled like patchouli, Peter the aggressive guy, the arm wrestling champ at the synagogue, the momma’s boys James and John, “Momma, Jesus said He can’t guarantee us a seat, you go ask.” Do you see the variety of imperfect personalities that Jesus called? Makes me feel a little better about myself. Besides the men, we had the ladies who followed Christ as well. Since its Father’s Day let’s look at men for a sec. 

Men are so important to the plan of God, and more specifically to the family unit. Even if you aren’t a biological father, there are so many opportunities to mentor and help raise kids. Remember, we aren’t trying to raise perfect kids, we’re aiming for decent adults. If we as the body of Christ will work together as a team then we will be more effective at meeting the needs around us. It takes more than 10% of the people pulling the wagon to get anywhere!

I’m going to bring up a friend of mine and our hope is that through our conversation some will be inspired to step up to fill a need, some will see that they are not alone and some dads will realize how important they are and will make an effort to be involved with their children.


Father’s Day may be difficult for some of you. Maybe your father has passed, maybe you don’t know your dad and then for some of you dads you’re currently separated from your children.


I know some are absent from their children because of mistakes they’ve made and all I can say is God is in the restoration business. You can’t take back all that you have or have not done but you can choose how you’re going to move forward. 

From today it’s your decision as to whether you are going to wallow in your missteps or whether you’re going to do your best to change and make amends. Don’t shoot out of here thinking it’s going to happen overnight. Get with God, develop a plan and follow through with your plan. It has to come from the right place or it won’t work. 

If you aren’t about true change in your life, then you’ll get overwhelmed because you aren’t getting the response you’re looking for and you’ll slide back into those behaviors that separated you. Stay true to the change, if you have a slip, readjust but don’t ever quit and never ever give up!

Some dads are present but disengaged either because they are selfish or they simply don’t know what to do. There’s no shame in asking for advice or seeking out a parenting class. We don’t know what we don’t know. If you are selfish with your time and money and it’s all about you then you have deeper issues than just parenting skills. Selfishness, as Christians is a common area we all struggle with so there’s no shame in your game but we want to work on that. Our end goal should be less of us and more about others.


Let’s look at a man in God’s kingdom. God expects the kingdom man to operate under kingdom rules. What does a kingdom man look like? He is a protector, a provider and a praying man.  

The kingdom man that I am closest to and know best would be Ricky Sinclair! 

So this is basically qualities in a kingdom man that a woman would like to see and what the Bible says they should possess.

1. Vulnerable – A kingdom man should be able to express his weakness in a safe place. I remember a story about a man who didn’t want to go to church. He was going through a tough time, felt like the world was caving in on him. His wife said, “We need to get ready for service, you need this.” He said, “No, I’m not going. I don’t want to see anyone.” The wife adamantly said, “Put your big boy undies on, we are going. You’re going to be brave and hold your head up and demonstrate grace under pressure. God’s got you.” And then I walked out of the room.

My husband isn’t afraid to show when he has a spot and I appreciate that about him. For years men hid that they were human beings under the guise of being hard. It’s okay to express fears and concerns. SIDEBAR: If you whine about everything, you need to get with a man you can trust, watch how he handles things and ask questions. No woman wants a pud. If every day something is wrong and you’re falling apart I’m going to lose respect for you, and probably take your pants and your man card. So, you can be tough and still have vulnerable areas and moments, but if I wanted to be with another woman I wouldn’t have chosen a man. Which leads me to the next quality of a kingdom man.

2. Protector – It is a God-given mandate that requires him to head things up. It’s a role. I have my part to play, you have your part to play. I have zero desire to go see who’s making noise in the yard at midnight. Women typically want someone who can make their family feel safe. Ephesians 5:21-33, talks about mutual submission and wives submitting to the role that God has given the man and for men to love their wives on the level that Christ sacrificially loved the church.

I know submission is a hard pill to swallow because there’s been so much neglect but envision this – A man who takes his role as serious as Christ and loves you so much that he is willing to sacrifice his comfort, his desires and his very life for you. Can you get on board with that? The directive is for a man to love his wife and a wife is to respect her husband. God is giving us what the other needs. Unselfish tender love doesn’t come naturally to most men. And since the garden, respect doesn’t come easily for women. But God said these are the core needs of a man and woman and we are to do our best to unselfishly fulfill those needs. Takes work but you can do it!

Look at it like this, he is not only your spouse but your brother in Christ. If you’re husband isn’t born again it’s even more important to be a good witness so that his heart can be won by your sincere faith. DISCLAIMER: Not saying anyone should stay in an abusive situation, but besides that if you can put your feels and desires on the side, your spouse could be your biggest and most important ministry. 

I also want to say that I am a huge proponent of the two parent biological family unless the living situation is so volatile and cannot be worked through. It isn’t healthy for anyone to live like that. I am not talking about “irreconcilable differences,” many times that’s a cop out because people don’t want to be with each other anymore. You can work through that and you should because the best set up for the stability and health of a child is his natural parents.

3. Provider – This man may or may not be the biggest bread winner in the family, but he’s grinding and bringing what he has to the table. Sister, if you meet Jr and he doesn’t want to contribute to the relationship, he got to go. If you’re all take and no give, you got to go. If you see signs of this in the dating time it will not change. Here’s your sign, he got to go –

A kingdom man looks out for the needs of others, he’s generous and he’s looking to provide counsel, wisdom, finances for whatever arises. A kingdom man lays his life down. John 15:13 “There is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for his friends.” My husband will do manual labor, sell lemonade on the corner, borrow a mower and cut yards, he will do whatever it takes to make sure we make it. It might be beans in the pot but it’ll be something and we’ll be grateful because we’re pulling together as a team because this isn’t a one-sided relationship.

Ma’am you can’t be bougie and cut on a man for doing honest work while you over there folding shirts at Target. Maybe he makes enough for basic needs, you looking to marry an ATM or a person? You love him, OR what you think he can provide. In today’s climate, most of the time it takes two people to run a house. Figure out who you are what you want before you get into a relationship and make sure your priorities are right. Do not make a man that is willing to work feel less than because he’s not knocking down 6 figures. If he has enough initiative to work, he’ll figure it out, God will honor his efforts.

4. Praying Man – A kingdom man is a praying man. I Timothy 2:8 “Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.” If you’re too stressed you aren’t praying enough. (Philippians 4:7 – through prayer and supplication make your requests known unto God and the peace of God which passes all understanding will encompass your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.) We end up backsliding or acting crazy because we hold what we weren’t designed to hold. I Peter 5:7 instructs us to cast our care on Him because He cares for us. 

Sir, according to RW Shambach, you don’t have any troubles all you need is faith in God. Faith works by love, and love cast out all fear, if you fear and are anxious then you have not been made perfect in love. 

Until the day that we are perfected and all anxiety is gone, I want to read a story to you that provides a solution we can all do. It’s actually called deferred worry. 

I want to give you an opportunity to place your card with your concern that’s wearing on you onto the cross. Jesus longs to take your burden, the Bible also says that we are to love and comfort one another, to not forsake getting together. We need each other and the world needs us and our Jesus collectively. This is teamwork, pulling together for each other and for the cause of Christ, this is kingdom.

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