The Great Servant

The Great Servant

“If any man desires to be first the same shall be last of all and servant of all.”

Mark 9:35

Our personal mission is to glorify God and to build His kingdom.  To fulfill our mission in life we must become a great servant.  A servant takes all of his talents and abilities and uses them to benefit another; he gives to those who cannot give back.  

“Win the lost at any cost because people last forever.”

“A stranger is a friend we have not yet met.”


Serve – the needs of other people.

  1. People are our greatest asset.  (We must take care of them.)
  2. We must stay actively involved and motivated.

Elevate others – raise people up; encourage them, positively build them up, roll your sleeves up and get involved with people.  Help people become what God wants them to be.

  1.       Become ladder holders, not ladder climbers.
  2.       The focus is on fulfilling other people’s dreams.

Relinquish Control – Delegate

  1. Allow others to help.
  2. Be a team player, not insecure.

“It is amazing what can get done when no one cares who gets the credit.”

Vary their duties

  1. Great servants are diverse.
  2. They understand that sometimes they have to operate in different roles to get the job done, but get the job done they will.
  3. Will do any job or task no matter how big or small (no pride).

Empty themselves – Committed – Loyal – Faithful

  1. Give 110% – servants give their best, they go beyond the average.

What it takes to be a great servant:

  1. No excuses – Luke 14:16-24
  2. Complete surrender – Luke 14:25-27
  3. Strategy – Luke 14:28-33
  4. Don’t lose your flavor; love, zeal, heart – Luke 14:34-35
  5. Great servants reach out to sinners – Luke 15:1-2 – There is joy in heaven when the lost are found – Luke 15:7, 10.

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